Engineering & Robotics Camp

Engineering Takes You Places!

12 & 13 APRIL 2021

Great for GRADE 1-6!

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Where can Engineering take you?

You may not know this but engineering is all around us and engineers have been at the forefront of discovery and human advancement. At our April holiday classes we will learn how Engineering Takes You Places! This includes the invention of transportation, looking at major worldly discoveries throughout history and the different jobs engineers can have. 

Hear from some amazing people about what is out there in the world! 

“Love maths, love writing, but most of all learn to love the process of learning.”

- Gorby Castillo

Gorby Castillo is a Graduate Signalling engineer specifically working with operations of the rail system, which include all the trains and buses we ride on. He says that learning ‘building blocks’ is important and useful especially if you want to be an engineer in the future. Mr Castillo works with different people to make sure we all have a fun and comfortable travels when taking the train!

If something is difficult, then you are in the right field because if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”

- Barry J Marshall

Barry J Marshall is a very famous scientist! He is well known for the discovery of Helicobacter Pylori which are the bacteria found in our stomach that causes tummy aches. His research was driven by his curiosity – ‘why are so many people having problems with their stomachs?’ Mr Marshall believes it is amazing that research can change so many of people’s lives. He now owns his own special laboratory where they do more scientific discoveries!

“Women are powerful.”

- Sharra Lozaga

Sharra Lozaga is a current Graduate Mechanical engineering, working with all types of different machines every day. Ms Lozaga says she found it a little challenging to be one of the few women in her field, but this has inspired her to make sure girls today are not afraid to go after their dreams! She works for Woodside, which provides us with natural gas we use in our homes.

Do you think you can take on the challenge of being an engineer?

What We Will Do

The Engineering Takes You Places holiday camp runs for the full day*. Each day we will be running these three fun-filled activities:

Tinkering for Travel

Do you want to travel across Australia? Or even around the world? It took the work of many great people in history to get our transportation as amazing as it is now. Join us on our engineering journey as we learn how people first started building vehicles.

Great Inventions

What great things are out there to discover? Who is going to be the next great inventor? We will discover and build some amazing models of great inventions from around the world and learn a bit more about how things are discovered and invented.

The Possibilities

Have you ever thought what changing the world will be like? Imagine inventing something that can make human life so much better! Careers with STEM are beyond the science, it is about becoming a leader and a driver of change.

* Timing may be slightly different in different locations. Please check exact timing at your local centre.

Join us in building some fascinatingly engineered technology of the world today!

These workshops will make you go:

  • BANG! Ignite Curiosity - the most important ingredient in any STEM discipline.
  • POW! Up STEM Skills - learning is one thing, learning to learn is superior. We focus on higher order thinking skills to promote a lifelong love for STEM.
  • WOW! Build Confidence - we've carefully developed our teaching practices to ensure your child truly believes that "I Can Do It"

What parents & teachers say

Thousands of happy parents are glad they enrolled their children into our workshops.

"Elliot has continued to talk about how fun Engineering Camp was. A wonderful camp and he will be attending again in the future."

- Larissa from NSW

"My boys can tell when someone has real passion for what they are doing and sharing. The boys response was Mr Wong and Jack really like kids. Loved it."

- Parent from WA

"Fantastic experience for young minds. Nate had an absolute blast and can not wait to do it again next year. He is still talking about it nearly 2 weeks later. Thankyou😁"

- Parent from NSW

"Child really enjoyed seeing their creations actually work."

- Parent from NSW

"The kids had very little interest or exposure to this form of design thinking prior to the day. Afterward they have been more engaged in robotics and coding tasks."

- Michelle from Orange (NSW)

"The children and the parents are raving about it and so happy. One parent told me that their child has asked if they can’t go away on holiday as he doesn’t want to miss any sessions :) Other parents have commented on the high level of engagement and focus. From a personal perspective, my child Louis has never gravitated towards building Lego or the underlying principles you are teaching them and it is lovely to watch him come home enthused, discussing what you did in class and then going straight to his bedroom to do more Lego building."

- Caitlin from WA

"My son had an amazing day."

- Parent from NSW

"Thoroughly engaging work. Hands on Instructions very clear. Good mix of instructions quickly followed by activity.High degree of participation and engagement"

- Teacher & Parent from WA

"Students really enjoyed the hands-on nature of the activity and were engaged. It was a wonderful sight. Thank you."

- Teacher from WA

"Matthew had a great time. He was very excited to tell me what he had learned and made and would definitely go again. Please come back to Dubbo again!"

- Parent from Dubbo (NSW)

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